2007.07.28 Idy Chan thanks Andy Lau for his thoughtful calligraphy
[Translated by Andy Town] Idy Chan was interviewed by TVB paid TV programme, BE MY GUEST (Zhi Yun Dining Time), yesterday. Manager Chen Zhi Yun presented her with a basket of foods, countdown timer funnel, & a calligraphy by Andy , Shan Xin Lian Lian ( being kind-hearted continuously) . Idy was delighted on seeing Andy's calligraphy.

Chen invited Idy to shoot an outdoor programme in Nepal, she is still thinking about it, as the standard of hygiene is not as good over there. She is worried about her health, actually she has quite many places she yearns to visit, such as Qing Dao, Tibet, Vietnam & others.

Idy autographed on 2 sets of DVDS on Return of The Condor Heroes, one to give to Andy & one for Chen.

Said Idy, "Many thanks to Master Lau for being so heartwarming, the calligraphy is good, I have not contacted him for a long time, I am so surprised that he readily wrote for me. (Andy feels that you always o charity thus wrote the 4 words for you.) Let me enjoy the pleasant surprise first!" When asked if Andy was involved with the shooting of the TV programme with her, will the draw be better? She quipped she wont answer any questions based only on assumption.

[Translated by Kit] Idy Chan was recorded for the TV programme "Be my Guest" yesterday. The host Stephen Chan gave her some gifts: a timer funnel (encourage everyone to use some time to do good deeds), a basket of food (for Idy pleasure since she doesn't lack any materials thing) and a very special one was just sent out from Beijing. It is a calligraphy 「善心蓮蓮」 (it means a kindhearted Idy) written by Andy Lau. It surprised Idy very much and in return, Stephen asked Idy to sign on the ROCH DVD to give to Andy. He also invited Idy come back filming so that she could collaborate with Andy on screen again.

Idy (chuckles): Thank you so much for this thoughtful gift from Mr. Lau. The meaning of the words is wonderful. In fact, I didn't contact Andy for a long time. I'm totally surprised of his act and kindness.

Reporter: does it prove that your good deeds are approved by Andy that why he agreed to write those words for you?
Idy: I need to contemplate it when I go home. Just don't want the praise go to my head and blind me.

Reporter: Where do you want to hang it?
Idy: Let me think about it when my excitement goes away.

Reporter: (always asks Idy the same question) did TVB contact you for filming?
Idy: I'm in discussion with Leung Ka Shu for a modern drama but nothing has come out yet.

Reporter: What make you in consideration?
Idy: It must be fun of course! Even I play a role of mental disorder person; I want it to be inspiring. I hope the audience will be comfortable, happy and have fun to my character.

Reporter: Will it be more attractive to you if Andy takes part in it.
Idy: I won't answer any assuming question.

Stephen Chan also gave Idy a polo T-shirt and 2 books, as he wanted to invite Idy filming "On the Road" season 3 but she didn't agree.
Idy: TVB wants me film in Nepal but I'm worry about the hygiene issue. I must think about it carefully.

Reporter: Then any place you'll love to go?
Idy: Tibet and Qinghai are okay. But it seems that someone had already gone there. Maybe I can go to Vietnam. I heard the gals there are pretty.

Reporter: But the country is not clean either.
Idy: Vietnam was once a French colony. It can't be that dirty.

Reporter: Speaking about the interview in "Be my Guest", are there any questions you won't answer?
Idy: Stephen can ask any question but I can choose not to answer.

Reporter: will you not answer relationship thing?
Idy: It depends on how to respond. I'd rather zip my lips than to give out a vague answer and confuse the audience

Idy chuckled at the thought of those many complicated questions Stephen made in some previous episodes. She is afraid that she will stutter to his questions.
Idy: I have watched the episode with the HK chief executive Donald Tsang. Just that part where Stephen asked Mr.Tsang of the whistle thing took almost 15 mins. But it is funny to see Mr.Tsang being this childish.